Convert your Karens into Promoters

Net Promoter Score type survey helps you to determine how likely your customers are to refer your business to somebody else.

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Our Karens have a lot to say. And we love to hear from them.

Fallon Mcleod

Product Manager @ Untask
Identifying and measure our promoters have been priceleess.

Olivia Fuentes

VP Marketing @ Hobeto
It's so gratifying to see a Karen become one of our promoters.

Sebastian Solomon

CEO @ Splitagram
Create beautiful surveys

Besides NPS Surveys, you can use Curious Karen to create other surveys that you need.

What's a Net Promoter Score?

The net promoter score (NPS) is a metric that quantifies how many more people are likely to strongly recommend your site or product compared to those likely to criticize it. NPS is computed by asking people to provide an answer, on a scale from 0–10, to the question: "How likely are you to recommend this website/product/service to a friend or relative?" The NPS is then calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors (0-6 votes) from the percentage of promoters (9-10 votes.)

Does Curious Karen automatically send the surveys to my customers?

No, you can use our conversational NPS survey platform to create a NPS survey with one click. Then you can share it with the customers that you'd like to reach via email, or on however you communicate with your existing customers.

Can I add more questions to our NPS Survey?

Yes, however it is not recommended to add too many questions. The NPS survey is designed to be simple and be able to get that metric fast. Our NPS Surveys are composed of 2 questions: (1) A scaling question from 0-10 (2) An open question about why the voted the way they did. We use conditional logic to word the why question differently depending on the users' answers. You may customize your questions anyway you want before sending it to your customers.

How can I associate my customers' answers with their contact info so I can follow up?

With any of our surveys you can pass parameters via the survey URL such as name, email, customer id, etc. So, they will be shown in your results dashboard.