Polls as Chatbots

Free online chatbot polls. Because sometimes you just need to ask one question.

Made by 63 Labs and felipe.ai
An easy and beautiful way to start a conversation online.

Fallon Mcleod

Product Manager @ Untask
We get simple and direct feedback from our customers on a regular basis.

Olivia Fuentes

VP Marketing @ Hobeto
We use it on Twitter, Facebook, on our email campaigns... Everywhere!

Sebastian Solomon

CEO @ Splitagram
Create beautiful polls

9 Types of Questions

Multi Choice
Text Question
Opinion Scale
Matrix Rating

What's the difference between a Poll and a Survey?

Polls are only one question. They're designed to be simple and get quick feedback from users. Curious Karen Polls are as chatbot style, so you get a "Welcome" message, as you're saying hello to your users. Then you ask your question. Followed by a thank you message.

Are the responses public?

You may choose to display the results of your poll or not. Most polls do display the results after the user votes, so this option is the default. It can be edit in the Thank you message.

What kind of questions can we ask?

There are 9 different types of questions available for polls besides the traditional multi-choice question type. You have an open text question, or a rating question, or a question, or a ranking question, or amatrix question, or a range question.

Where can we share our poll?

You may embed the poll on your website or simply share the link anywhere: email, social media, slack, etc. Your poll page can be customized with links to your social media sites.