Conversational Surveys

The combination of small talk, conditional logic and chatbot layout will make your surveys more engaging.

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It doesn't even feel like you're filling out a survey.

Fallon Mcleod

Product Manager @ Untask
Perfect for social media surveys.

Olivia Fuentes

VP Marketing @ Hobeto
Double the engagement of traditional web surveys.

Sebastian Solomon

CEO @ Splitagram
Create beautiful surveys

10 Types of Questions

Thank you
Multi Choice
Text Question
Opinion Scale
Matrix Rating

Simple Pricing

Just need one or two surveys? Per Survey. Need to create several surveys? Subscription

Per Survey $ 10 / survey
Unlimited Questions
Unlimited Responses
Conditional Logic
Add your Logo & Social Media links
Pay Once $ 49 / LTD
Unlimited Surveys & Questions
Unlimited Responses
Conditional Logic
Add your Logo & Social Media links
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Is there a FREE version?

Yes, you can create unlimited free surveys, unlimited questions and full access to small talk and conditional logic functionalities. The limitations for free surveys are: up to 100 responses per survey, no option to add your logo, social media links, create Call to Actions, or export the responses.

For the subscription plan, can each survey have a different logo / social media links?

Yes, the logo and social media links are associated with an individual survey, therefore each survey can have a different logo or URL.

Can we create surveys in other languages?

You can pretty much create surveys in any language. We support RTL (right to left) formats and Karen has been translated to six languages so far. But even if your language is not available yet, the content of your survey is entirely created by you, so for your users, they'll see it fully in your language. In that case, only the dashboard that you would access to see the responses would be in English.

What is Small Talk & Conditional Logic?

They are ways to make your survey more interactive and smart. Small talks are responses to your user's responses before the next question. For example, if the question is "Do you like icecream?" After the user says "Yes," you could want to say "Of course, who doesn't?" or if the user says "No," you could say "What??? I don't believe it." Before displaying the next question.

Conditional Logic will direct the user to a completely different set of questions based on their responses.

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